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Dear Readers,

Information is coming at us almost too quickly to process but all the data points toward this week being a crucial week in the US for containing this pandemic and social-distancing will be the key.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "flattening the curve" over the past few days. We need to give our healthcare workers a fighting chance and recreational shopping simply isn't conducive to contributing to flattening the curve. We want to encourage you to help in this fight by practicing social-distancing and hopefully, if this works, it WILL look like we over-reacted. We are willing to risk that look to save lives.

As of today, Sunday March 15, we are closing Uppercase temporarily to in-store shopping.

But fear not!

Cheryl and I are working on several different ways to get you the books you will need in the coming weeks including curbside pickup, shipping and delivery AND will share links for you to shop our inventory online!


Readers are brilliant. We know you will find creative ways to support our small businesses during this incredibly challenging time.

Please take good care of yourselves and each other. We will see you soon.


Leah and Cheryl


eGift cards now available for purchase on our site!