Does Uppercase Bookshop buy used books?

We offer store credit in exchange for your gently used titles. That store credit can be used toward 25% of your purchase of any used book or used vinyl lp. 


Bringing Your Books to Uppercase Bookshop for store credit.


We process thousands of used books a month. We take books in for review every day we are open however it may take up to 5 business days for your credit to be issued depending on back log. Please bring your clean, gently used books in disposable boxes. If you have more than three boxes of books to bring, please call us at 360 217 8521 to ensure we have storage available for that quantity. 

We also recommend that you fan the pages of any books you are bringing for credit in case any personal items, i.e. photos, bills, letters, have been used as bookmarks and left in pages. 

What we don't take: Encyclopedias, moldy or musty books, Magazines, Catalogs, Books from a smoking household

Returns & Refunds


We are happy to exchange any item that is in saleable condition. Refunds can be processed as well and are addressed on a case-by-case basis. 



We are currently family-owned and operated however we are always accepting resumes. Please email your resume to info@uppercasebookshop.com